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Version 1.63   Online Registration Not Yet Available
25-Dec-2003 1,040 K Win 98/2000/ME/XP Shareware Never Expires
IMPERATOR °FLA generates FLA-files (readable with Flash MX(6) or higher) from SWFs (compiled with Macromedia Flash)
Published by Imperator Software Imperator °FLA Demo Home Page
IMPERATOR °FLA generates FLA-files (readable with Flash MX(6) or higher) from the selected input SWFs (compiled with Macromedia Flash) and thereby makes it possible to alter the content of a SWF even when the corresponding FLA got lost.

Furthermore it gives you the opportunity to extract all included media-files (pictures, sounds and videos) so you can edit them with other programs.

IMPERATOR °FLA recovers:
Buttons (eliminating graphically identical buttons)
Components (with initialized variables)
Environment Settings (backgroundcolor, framerate, height, width, etc.)
Frame Labels
Library Linkages
Mask Layers
Media Importpaths (for extracted media-files)
Morph Shapes
Pictures (all types)
Sounds (MP3s and uncompressed PCMs)
Sound Events
Sprites (MovieClips)
All Timelines (rearranging them under FLA-compatible terms).

IMPERATOR °FLA adds the two entries 'Save FLA..' and 'Save and Open FLA..' to the context menu appearing after right-clicks on SWF-files inside of an explorer-window.
These two options make it extremely convenient to generate FLAs from any SWF on your hard drive.

IMPERATOR °FLA - Price: € 79.00

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