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Routix NetCom

Routix NetCom

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View screenshot of Routix NetComNetCom is a software for system administrators, IT-professionals and advanced users.
With NetCom you can give full control over local area network (LAN) and over INTERNET connections.

  • support for remote scripting (with Microsoft Active Scripting) and provide useful remote administration console;
  • support URL filtering;
  • support any ethernet/dial-up/xDSL connections to control and managment;
  • support any packets direction handling;
  • support set of protocols (IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP...);
  • support MAC-level (ETHERNET-frames) handling;
  • support incoming and outgoing traffic counting and handling;
  • support TCP and UDP ports handling;
  • support IP addresses handling;
  • support TIME-based handling (rule evaluates to TRUE only at specified time);
  • automatic counters reset with specified interval (every N hours, N days, N weeks, N month, N years);
  • event-based actions executions (every rule can execute many specified scripts or programs, for example for writing counters to database or XML-file). This actions can be executed before counters will be resetted or with specified interval;
  • Packets can be allowed, denied or sended to the next rule in list;
  • Possible to change any packet field (MAC/IP addresses, TCP/UDP ports);
  • Port-mapping/redirection;
  • Integrated NAT;
  • Packets can be redirected to any other NIC;
  • Bridging between any ethernet interfaces;
  • Bandwidth limiting for any type of TCP-traffic;
  • QoS (Quality of Service) for any type of traffic;
  • With managment console you can monitor realtime network activity;
  • With managment console you can connect to many hosts at the same time;
  • With managment console you can monitor remote hosts performance (CPU, memory, interrupts...);
  • Possible to limit connections per rule;
  • Includes SDK documentation for control Routix NetCom from custom applications;
  • also Routix NetCom have many other features. For more information you can read manual...

    Download Routix NetCom Now Download Routix NetCom

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    Download Routix NetCom Now Download Routix NetCom

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    Version: 2.2
    Released: Feb, 1 2010
    License: Freeware, $49.95
    Expires: Never Expires

    File size: 4,949 K
    Platforms: Windows XP/ME/NT/2000
    Downloads: 21

    Easy-to-use packets-level filtering. NetCom is an extensible firewall, traffic controller, QoS, Bandwidth, Bridging, Redirection, NAT and traffic statistics software for the Microsoft Windows.


    Routix NetCom page at FreewareSeek

    Developer: NetCom

    NetCom page at FreewareSeek

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