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Description | Screenshot | Comments (0) | Download

View screenshot of DNS4MeDNS4Me is the dynamic DNS service that you need to start hosting your own Internet services. When you have a dynamic IP address, you need something to associate a static domain name with it to make it easier for visitors to access the services you provide. With DNS4Me, you can take control of your Web site by running your own HTTP server. Without a hosting company, you've eliminated the cost of hosting as well as a layer of contact between you and your Web site. This gives you unparalleled control over its configuration, content, and delivery. But the benefits of dynamic DNS aren't just for HTTP servers. Any service that can make use of a domain name can benefit from DNS4Me. This includes FTP servers, email servers, daemons for today's popular computer games, NetMeeting, and much more! With the reliability and excellent support you've come to expect of backing up DNS4Me, you'll get a powerful, no hassle dynamic DNS solution. As is standard with all other products, DNS4Me includes free email support and a year of free updates! Why trust anyone else with your data when you can manage it yourself? DNS4Me makes it possible!

Download DNS4Me Now Download DNS4Me

1 Smart Protector - Internet Eraser 1 Smart Protector - Internet Eraser
Erase history, cache (temporary Internet files), recycle bins, cookies, typed URLs, auto-complete addresses. Using Save/Restore State capability you are able to leave the computer in exactly the same state as it was.

Softsun eHunter Softsun eHunter
Softsun eHunter is a practical program for collecting Internet information and Html managing and also a Help files making tool.

Active Whois Browser Active Whois Browser
Active Whois returns important information on websites. Locate individuals or organizations with postal address including country for the domain or IP address holder, all with a single click! The netstat, trace route and nslookup included too.

ProHosting Regulator ProHosting Regulator
ProHosting Regulator enables the customer to choose any desirable hosting package configuration himself with price calculation in real time. Then, the order for the hosting package will be sent to the customer and the manager.

I'm InTouch I'm InTouch
Administer and remotely control all your PCs from any computer or iOS/Android devices with Internet access. Control your PC to run any program, transfer files, read and respond to Outlook email. You can even remotely access your shut down PC.

ACTOS Fast HTML Optimizer ACTOS Fast HTML Optimizer
Speed up your site, optimizing your HTML site to decrease download traffic and to increase access speed, not changing appearance of your pages. It will allow you to have more visitors at same time.

Download DNS4Me Now Download DNS4Me

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Released: Jan, 5 2010
License: Freeware, $0.00
Expires: Never Expires

File size: 2,715 K
Platforms: Windows XP
Downloads: 180

DNS4Me puts you in control of the Internet by giving you the power to deliver the content of your choice from your computer. Host your own Web server, FTP server, email server, and much more without the hassle of a hosting company.


DNS4Me page at FreewareSeek


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