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Thunder Advertiser

Thunder Advertiser

Description | Screenshot | Comments (0) | Download

View screenshot of Thunder AdvertiserDo you want an easy way to increase your sales by 900%?

Do you want to advertise your products to millions of users anytime you want?

Are e-mail marketing campaigns no longer getting you results?

Are you confused and frustrated by bulk email regulations?

With Thunder Advertiser, you can send your message to thousands of readers at one time using built-in Microsoft technology! This program is 100% legal and your messages are delivered directly to users' desktops where they can't be ignored.

Thunder Advertiser works through a program which is installed on all PCs running Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and includes built-in IP addresses list by countries by which you can target your campaign and reach over 90% of the internet. This means that you can deliver your message to millions of desktops in real-time and get fast replies!

You can run Thunder Advertiser to send ads from your business, home, or any other place you'd like, and begin EARNING MONEY AND BUILDING TRAFFIC ASAP!
Congratulations, you have found the best innovative tool for advertising these days by which you can reach more than 90% of internet users worldwide and target your ads to a specific country from a list of more than 138 countries without worrying of any e-mail campaigns by which you must wait until until the user opens his inbox to see your ad.

By using this new way of advertising your message is delivered to the desktop of the computer and thus the response of the user will be immediate.

These days everybody knows that responses to opt-in e-mails are very low and generating leads by this way may be rare while by using this product you guarantee that your message is delivered to the user instantly and hassle and maybe the receiver is seeing this type of advertising so the response maybe better. Thunder Advertiser is the best and most ideal way to promote your products, business, or services and with a very cheap price comparing to other ways of traditional advertising and thus your message will give you more revenue than any other banners, pop-ups, and opt-in e-mails. This software uses the latest technology to send you messages instantly and without any delay to the user's screens without any effort.

Unlike other companies offers we are offering the whole software with no limitations to usage, all options are working and you can send out about 20,000 messages up to 300,000 messages depending on the speed you choose. Also the software comes with a list of IP's sorted by location that means you can target your ad to any country you need without the need to purchase that country's e-mail lists like before. By purchasing this product you will own the best tool ever and the most powerful and fastest solution to send your ads with such a very low cost.

We are offering this software with all the features with such a low price for a limited time offer and you can see that the same product is sold out ranging from 130 USD to 350 USD, so we are the first to offer this price for such a great advertising tool.

Traditional online advertising methods just don't deliver the customers anymore.

The only way for you to accomplish success with your online advertising campaigns is to use a fresh, new, innovative approach utilizing the best software technology ever created to deliver a flood of paying new customers directly to your website.

And that is exactly what Thunder Advertiser does for you! Thunder Advertiser can deliver a flood of paying customers directly to your website, increasing your sales and maximizing your profits!

There are no restrictions to delivering ads using IP addresses.

Thunder Advertiser comes with a Huge Global database of IP addresses that covers more than 95% of the internet. You can custom tailor your advertising campaigns by targeting them demographically with this extensive database! With this type of system in place you can deliver your advertising messages to literally millions of new customers' desktops in real-time every day, and get immediate results unavailable using any other method!

Thunder Advertiser is extremely user friendly, designed to make delivering your advertising messages a breeze. Just select a few options in the Thunder Advertiser software, enter your advertising message, and with a click of the mouse your advertising message is being delivered to millions of paying new customers.

Customize your advertising campaign to fit your needs!

Thunder Advertiser gives you many options to choose from to custom tailor the delivery of your advertising messages.

You can choose delivery of your advertising messages by either IP addresses or Countries!
Adjust the delivery speed of your advertising messages.
Save your delivery list(s) for future use.

How do I get Thunder Advertiser?

Before you order you can download the Demo and test it and if you are satisfied with our software you can come back and purchase.

Download Thunder Advertiser Now Download Thunder Advertiser

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Download Thunder Advertiser Now Download Thunder Advertiser

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Version: 1
Released: Dec, 31 2002
License: Shareware, $100.00
Expires: Never Expires

File size: 559 K
Platforms: Windows XP/ME/NT/2000
Downloads: 5

Do you want an easy way to increase your sales by 900%? Do you want to advertise your products to millions of users anytime you want? Are e-mail marketing campaigns no longer getting you results?


Thunder Advertiser page at FreewareSeek

Developer: page at FreewareSeek

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