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View screenshot of RF21RF21 for Windows is a scientific calculator, plotter, programming and numeric system in one. It allows for permanent installation of a user's own commented functions and libraries. Such user functions may have one or several arguments and values. Works as an archive at the same time, with integrated searchable database, to let you find and reuse materials created years ago. Each function self-reassembles when its name is called, autonomously searching the libraries for all components needed.
Predefined functions include gamma, zeta, psi and Bessel functions, error integral, cumulative Binomial distribution and more. On top of these and the user libraries, the program's numeric and plotting capabilities can be used, including:
Numeric derivation and integration, Monte Carlo simulations, linear equations, matrix inversion and eigenvalues, nonlinear equation systems, n-dimensional function minimizer (Dennis & Schnabel method), Runge Kutta method for (systems of) differential equations, accelerated summation of series. Fraction reckognizer.
Fast screenplots and an environment for designing printable plots, which may as well be exported to -.GIF and -.BMP files. Ample support for both simple and parametric plots, composition of several curves into one picture, drawing of directional or vector fields.
Comes with standard libraries covering areas of science and mathematics. Written documentation and a function reference are available from the author's homepage.

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Download RF21 Now Download RF21

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Version: 0.91
Released: Apr, 5 2004
License: Freeware, $0.00
Expires: Never Expires

File size: 708 K
Platforms: Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Downloads: 211

Graphing scientific calculator with ample support for user defined functions and libraries. Numeric features include derivation, integration, Monte Carlo simulations, Runge Kutta, matrix inversion, nonlinear equation systems, function minimizer.


RF21 page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Christoph Hohmann

Christoph Hohmann page at FreewareSeek

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