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Taking pictures with your digital camera can be very rewarding .. Its fun! Its easy! Its quick! But printing your pictures can be exactly the opposite. C2P makes the printing of your pictures as easy as taking them. With C2P you visually create a scheme that's used to position & print your pictures. You can then load & print pictures individually or load & print entire directories of pictures automatically. C2P can flip, rotate and resize each individual picture as required or automatically on load. Other features include the option of printing cut marks and sluglines.

Download C2P Now Download C2P

PC Screen Tools PC Screen Tools
Zoom and do image processing on portion of your screen underneath the cursor in real time. Support multiple windows, each with its own settings.

MagicApp MagicApp
MagicApp contains two ActiveXs: MagicShape and MagicButton. MagicShape let you create nonrectangule graphic windows. MagicButton let you create graphic button controls in any shape.

ListMan ListMan
Makes creating thumbnails simple and fast. Just point to the directory where your images are, set your thumbnail output size, advanced options and you're ready to go.

ColorMatch VB ColorMatch VB
Need to give your creativity a little boost? ColorMatch VB uses color wheel theory to generate new color combinations.

Sketch Effect Sketch Effect
Will instantly take any picture and transform it into a work of art! Start with any picture, choose your effect, and let Sketch Effect do the rest!

WinMeasure WinMeasure
A graphics measuring tool. Designed to use minimal screen space, WinMeasure specifies the number of pixels between two points on the computer screen, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Download C2P Now Download C2P

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Version: RC2
Released: Sep, 25 1999
License: Shareware, $0.00
Expires: Expiration Unknown

File size: 691 K
Platforms: Windows ME/NT/98/95
Downloads: 45

Taking pictures with your digital camera can be very rewarding .. Its fun! Its easy! Its quick! But printing your pictures can be exactly the opposite.


C2P page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Paul Claridge

Paul Claridge page at FreewareSeek

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